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Maybe I’ll write an essay about this soon. 

The Filipinos love these two things: the “Pasyon” of Christ, and Pinoy Soap or “telenovela.” After watching a handful of soaps, and meditating on the passion of the Christ over the holy week, I just realized, they are the same thing.

See this:

Jesus, is the favored son of the “haciendero” (God), born of the “katulong” (or handmaid, Mary), oppressed by the haciendero’s “legitimate” children (or the “chosen” children, the Jews).

Despite the legitimate child’s hatred of the son of the maid, the son still loves his sibling…and even dies for his “brothers.”

In the end, who triumphs? The son of the handmaid.

Now isn’t that classic pinoy soap?

Happy Easter Everyone!

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